Power-Up Productivity with an Industrial Computer Workstation

Your aging Newcastle carts are costing you — productively and profitably. Luckily, you can recoup the revenue you lost and much more with our exclusive cost-saving, trade-in program with a $1,000 instant rebate!

The truth is, mismatching technology can significantly impact productivity and negatively affect your bottom line. We encourage you to trade-in your obsolete and outdated Newcastle carts and trade-up to our next generation of professional-grade, LiFE-powered, industrial computer workstations. Our Power-Up program empowers you to:

  • Upgrade to Best-of-Breed mobile functionality, quality, and power
  • Protect your investment with the industry’s leading stem to stern warranty – 5 years for the battery power system and 10 years for the carts.
  • Increase your operator’s productivity and safety

And, we’ll solve some of your biggest workflow challenges and accelerate your supply chain – for less – by:

  • Optimizing process workflows
  • Improving task efficiency
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing employee fatigue while increasing job satisfaction
  • Virtually eliminating down-time
DTG Laptop workstation


When you trade-in your outdated Newcastle cart with Nucleus Power System and upgrade to our Industrial Computer Workstations with Dual Battery system, you’ll instantly see the DTG “Built to Perform. Built to Last. Guaranteed” difference. With this exclusive offer you’re eligible for $1,000s in rebates on Newcastle carts you trade-up.

Eligible Newcastle Workstation1 with Nucleus Swappable System2






1 Any Newcastle Powered Workstation – return charger only
2 Nucleus Swappable System includes docking station, charging station, and 2 batteries – return power docking station only. DTG will not accept Newcastle battery shipments

girl pushing a dtg cart

How Our Rebate and Trade-In Program Works

We want to give you a rebate toward the purchase of your next Industrial Computer Workstations with Dual Battery system from DTG by trading in your aging Newcastle technology!

Let’s suppose you have four Newcastle Powered Workstations with a Nucleus Classic Power System (supporting two batteries) and you purchase four Industrial Computer Workstations with two batteries per worktstation from us. When you send us the two Nucleus PowerCharge Classics, we will send you four new workstations and a $4,000 total rebate ($1,000 per workstation)!

Or let’s say you have six Newcastle Powered Workstations with a Nucleus Mini Power System. You purchase four of our Industrial Computer Workstations with two batteries each. When you send us your six Nucleus Mini PowerCharge Docks, we will send you four new workstations, eight new batteries, and a $6,000 total rebate ($1,000 per Newcastle PowerCharge Mini)!

Real Rebates Made Real Simple

Your Definitive Technology Group Authorized Reseller will guide you toward the right solutions by taking into consideration your end-users, specific applications and work environments, and your upfront and ongoing costs of ownership. Follow these four simple steps for a simple and effortless rebate process:

1. Purchase a Qualifying Product

No matter how many of our Industrial Computer Workstations with two batteries you purchase (minimum purchase requirement of four workstations), you can be sure it’s purpose-built to improve productivity, lower costs, and raise customer satisfaction. Our solutions are ready to ship to your facility now!

*Don’t have a preferred reseller? We’re happy to make an introduction to someone who will listen to your needs/requirements and help you determine the best solution. Contact us to learn more.

2. Submit a Rebate Claim Form

Register for your rebate by completing and submitting a trade-in application within 90 days of the invoice date. Include a copy of the invoice from your DTG Authorized Reseller along with your claim. The invoice must be dated between May 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 and include the name of the Authorized Reseller, your company’s name, purchase date, invoice number, part numbers, and total claimed purchase quantity of DTG Industrial Computer Workstations with two batteries.

3. Trade-In Your Legacy Power Systems

After your claim is successfully completed and approved, you will receive a Return Case Number with Instructions. Ship only the Newcastle Power Docking Station to:

DTG/Newcastle Trade-in Rebate
377 Ballardvale St.
Wilmington, MA 01887

Return shipment must be sent within 14 days from receipt of Return Authorization.

The Return Authorization will contain a unique claim number (the “Rebate Case Number”), which may be used to obtain rebate status. If we have questions related to your claim, you will be contacted by the program administrator. If you have questions regarding the status of your rebate claim, please email the program administrator at tradeinrebate@definitivetg.com.

4. Receive Check

Rebate requests will be processed upon receipt of the Newcastle Battery Charger. Please allow six to eight weeks after shipment for receipt of the rebate. The check will be mailed to the address provided and to the attention of the contact name provided, either end-user or reseller. Rebate checks are void if not cashed within 90 days after issuance and will not be re-issued.

Rebate Program Eligibility

Fill out the Form Below to Take Advantage of Our Rebate!

Please review the following to determine rebate program eligibility:

  1. This offer is being made from Definitive Technology Group to end-users in the form of a rebate for purchases made between May 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021.
  2. The Program applies to new purchases of DTG Industrial Computer Workstations with two – 250Wh Batteries (the “Qualifying Products”). End-users must purchase like-quantities (minimum of four workstations) of qualifying products from an Authorized Definitive Technology Group reseller (“Reseller”).
  3. This document sets forth the rebate amount associated with the trade-in of each Qualifying Product.
  4. Only Newcastle Systems products are eligible for this rebate offer.


Newcastle Systems is a trademark of Newcastle Systems, Inc.

Rebate Claim Form

Please enter your information below.

Note: Please make sure you have a copy of your invoice form ready to upload with your claim.

Email tradeinrebate@definitivetg.com if you need assistance.

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