Medical Workstation Cart

The Last Medical Workstation You Will Ever Need to Buy

It’s a game-changing statement, because this technology changes the game. Combining industry leadership with advancements in battery systems and mobile workstation technology, Definitive Technology Group is providing hospitals a new way to purchase and manage their fleet of mobile workstations. 

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Eliminate the Unexpected

These new workstations, battery systems and fleet management services together eliminate unpredictable expenses and failures that hospitals have dealt with since deploying their first cart. With TotalCare fleet management, your workstation-related expenses are fixed for 10+ years.

You will receive regular preventative maintenance and a 100% uptime guarantee, eliminating:

  • Unexpected battery replacements
  • High-cost replacement parts
  • Wasted time

Choose Your Runtime




Immediately extend runtime by 8+hrs when someone forgets to plug-in, or when you don’t have time to wait for a recharge.

Recharge Time


Recharge in just 2-3 hours, so you can count on your batteries being charged quickly.

Swappable Power



Hot-swap or plug-in to recharge for 24/7 availability.

Innovative Design & Chemistry


Minute backup battery during hot-swap. No fans or cobalt used for maximum safety.




Expect a runtime of 8-16+ hours, based on 30W load. And, without fans or moving parts, operation is seamless and silent. Internal capacity: 250-500 Watt-hours.

Recharge Time


2-3 hours of recharge time, so you can count on your batteries being charged quickly.

Simplicity is a Good Thing

For Your Clinical Staff

It stays powered 24/7. It is extremely lightweight and maneuverable, so your hallways will not be cluttered. Your staff will (finally) get to focus all of their energy on their patients—instead of on their WOWs.

For Your IT Managers

It will allow for on-the-fly, 30-second troubleshooting that saves upwards of 8 hours a week. Your IT Managers will essentially be superheroes, and your support team will have more time.

For Your Bottom Line

Expect a lower acquisition and a lower total cost of ownership. Fully configurable as needs change, it offers a predictable 10-year expense.

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