Our RFID PowerStation is the Ultimate in RFID Supply Chain Solutions

Broad-scale Supply Chain Asset Tracking Has Never Been Easier with Our Innovative Tool for Item, Case, and Pallet Level Visibility

The RFID PowerStation mobilizes and extends the power of a fixed, RAIN UHF RFID reader solution to optimize read performance in a variety of supply chain and manufacturing applications. This makes it a powerful tool for process modernization. Its purpose-built design incorporates our full-metal industrial design and construction for superior durability in the harshest of operating conditions. Mobilize your preferred fixed RFID devices in a highly mobile, self-powered workstation equipped with an array of accessory options to fit your unique needs and choice of RFID supply chain solutions’ vendor. Our RFID PowerStation also provides unparalleled ROI. Within the first six months of ownership, the solution pays it for itself through its cost-saving benefits.


Ergonomically designed while meeting all of OSHA’s safety requirements, the Definitive RFID PowerStation has the base components of our laptop workstation for warehouse, fulfillment centers, and manufacturing facilities with features including:

  • Laptop mounting option with height adjustment range of 22” – 41.5”
  • Footprint: 18.5” W x 30” D x 41.5” H
  • Height adjustable work surface: 18” W x 25” D with forward-facing handles and a weight capacity of 75 lbs.
  • Laptop/PC allow operators/commodity managers access to desktop applications or the cloud for real-time updates to inventory and/or ordering needs
  • Made from powder-coated steel with thermo-foil laminated surfaces for harsh environments, with 24/7 operation if needed
  • Two locking swivel casters in the rear and two directional locking swivel casters in the front
  • Lockable technology tray at the PowerStation’s base
  • AC power cord allows RFID PowerStation’s batteries to be charged directly on the unit or can be charged via charging station (sold separately)
  • Swappable, long-lasting LiFE battery system provides continuous uptime if required
  • 5-year warranty for cart, power system, and battery cell

Standard Accessories:

  • Adjustable RFID 4-port reader bracket
  • Four VESA adjustable antenna brackets
  • One, 10-foot telescoping antenna pole
  • Attachment points for custom accessories

The Definitive RFID PowerStation is compatible with most RAIN UHF RFID readers, including, but not limited to Alien, Impinj, and Zebra. Its modular, vendor-agnostic design features unlimited adjustments and accessory options to fit your unique needs.


Our RFID supply chain solutions are highly configurable to meet application-specific use-case requirements. For large-scale projects, accurately track inventory and assets by quickly and effortlessly moving throughout a facility by flooding a large read field with RFID energy to tag reads from side-to-side and top-down.


Improve your operators’ productivity and safety as they cycle count across your facility throughout the day, providing critical visibility of products and packages throughout the supply chain.

IT/Data Centers

Easily move throughout the DC to conduct device level inventory from the top to the bottom of the server racks.


Increase productivity throughout the manufacturing plant floor by quickly identifying where all your items and assets are located by easily conducting broad and sweeping RFID reads of those work areas.

Our RFID supply chain solutions, such as our RFID PowerStation, help your workforce get the job done effectively, safely, and efficiently. Extend the reach of your handheld devices with a complete and powerful RFID system at your fingertips, including a laptop, printer, RFID labels, and more. Ensure optimal read performance and benefit from your investment by adding this innovative tool to your asset tracking arsenal that will provide years of dependable service.

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