Improve Warehouse Processes & Logistics

In the Warehouse, every minute counts. Make each step Definitively more efficient with the best battery system & mobile workstation.

Every minute that an employee spends doing something other than performing a task—like walking back and forth—costs money. With Definitive Technology Group, you can get equipped with mobile workstations and battery systems to mobilize your workflow, improving your warehouse processes.

Powered by an Uninterruptible Battery System (UBS)—the most advanced battery system in the industry—your employees will never be at a standstill waiting on the battery to recharge. Pick, process and ship your orders faster. 

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42 Seconds

The amount of time that Definitive Technology has saved in order processing which resulted in more than $50,000/yr in bottom-line savings.

Mobilize Efficiently

When you can move your computer and printing technology to the point of task, efficiency skyrockets and profit is captured.

How does Definitive Improve Warehouse Processes?


Process, pick, pack and ship multiple orders in fewer steps with mobile workstations.

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Reduce Walk-Through Traffic

When your warehouse personnel has to walk between stations, you risk distraction among your team. Mobile workstations encourage faster task completion all in one place.

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Mobilize Your Equipment

With a mobile workstation, everything that you need to perform a task travels with you instead of wasting time.

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