Healthcare Computer on Wheels

Discover How Our Healthcare Computer on Wheels Benefits Nurses

The success of a healthcare institution depends on a streamlined workflow while adhering to EHR requirements for patient record recording and patient monitoring at the point of care. As a staple of modern healthcare facilities, our mobile workstations are designed to provide greater flexibility, improved clinical functionality, and reliable performance to help clinicians meet the demands of 24/7 care environments.

With top-of-the-line features, our carts can help nurses throughout various areas of the workplace, including aiding in clinical documentation, medication delivery and dispensing, registration, phlebotomy, and point-of-care applications. Paired with a medical grade computer or tablet, our mobile solutions help healthcare providers offer the absolute best in patient care.

Why do Nurses Love Our Healthcare Computer on Wheels?

Acting essentially a mobile nurse’s offices, healthcare workstations on wheels are integral to rounding, charting, and administering care. Because of this, nurses spend a substantial portion of their workday operating these carts. Unfortunately, heavy, bulky, and ergonomically poor WOWs have hindered nurse workflows for years, leading to reduced efficiency and fatigue. In order to maximize workflows, nurses seek designs that are lighter, smaller, and more practical.

Our healthcare computer on wheels was designed with these exact pain points in mind. At just 65 lbs, our carts are lightweight, agile, and boast a small footprint, allowing them to be easily pushed and maneuvered. Featuring on-demand height adjustability, they can be catered to specific users for optimal comfort. Ergonomic additions such as a spacious, slide-out keyboard tray, extendable mouse pad, and storage options make for a clutter-free environment. Nurses can also benefit from a long-lasting battery charge of 8-12 hours and extend run time for 24/7 availability.

Healthcare Computer on Wheels Industry Applications

For Nursing Staff

Mobile computing plays an enormous role in giving clinical staff access to electronic health records. Our healthcare computer on wheels puts the tools of clinical staff at their fingertips, allowing for quicker access to patient data and records that can be quickly and easily shared with other providers in the network. Remote monitoring capabilities allow for faster data collection, fewer documentation errors, improved patient engagement, and less traffic on hospital floors, increasing overall workflow efficiency.

Added Benefits for Nurses Through Healthcare IT Staff

Workstation and mobile computer problems can be diagnosed and repaired on the spot; repair and replacement parts are simply taken from an inventory of “on the shelf” parts, making repairs and replacements quick and painless. Should a healthcare computer on wheels need to be removed from your fleet, an identical replacement can be provided in the same day so IT and clinical staff never miss a beat.