Let us design and build mobile computer workstations and battery solutions for your unique challenges

Every industry and every enterprise has its own unique challenges. Sometimes, a one-size-fits-all or out-of-the-box mobile computer workstation or battery solution just doesn’t have the capabilities for your enterprise to overcome its challenges. Definitive Technology Group understands this and can quickly and affordably build customizable mobile computer workstations and battery solutions to meet your unique needs.

Man with custom mobile workstation using handheld computer scanning barcode on a box
three types of mobile computer workstations that DTG can repair and refurbish


Definitive Technology Group’s design and development teams utilize internally developed methodologies, based on Six Sigma discipline, to deliver your custom mobile computer workstations and battery solutions. Our process uncovers your unique needs, sets expectations, develops concept drawings, and produces and delivers a working prototype to your doorstep – with no NRE commitment – in under 30 days.


Regardless of industry, Definitive Technology Group can create and deliver a customized mobile computer workstation and battery solution to meet your unique needs and overcome your biggest challenges.


Improve the customer experience with untethered refreshment

Today’s pandemic environment has forced modern food and beverage establishments to think outside the box, looking for ways to reach more customers outside of their current fixed brick-and-mortar locations. Definitive Technology Group is here to help by creating innovative mobile stations that can accommodate beverage dispensing, point of sale, as well as integrated marketing displays for menus and product selection. All of that in a fully powered sleek station that can be situated anywhere you want it while serving up refreshments all day.


  • Point of sale
  • Food service
  • Beverage Sales/Dispensing
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Non-traditional food service locations


Hospitality Workstation

Elevating the customer experience and bringing top-notch service directly to your customers

Hospitality and Travel companies thrive by providing their customers with friction-less convenience at every step of their journey. Definitive Technology Group creates innovative mobile stations that allow you to bring customer service directly to the customer, whether it’s expediting the check-in process for your VIP members or seamlessly serving beverages across your resort.


  • Baggage Ticketing
  • Concierge/Customer Service
  • Guest Check-in

Retail Cart


Enhancing the in-store experience with mobile powered workstations

With the rise of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retailers across the country are struggling to stay relevant. Stores are exploring new ways to dramatically improve the in-store experience for customers, while providing modern services, such as buy online & pick up in store (BOPIS). Definitive Technology Group is here to help by creating mobile technology stations that allow you to serve your customers faster, help your employees pick orders faster, and enable innovative marketing opportunities for your vendors.


  • Customer Service
  • Point of Sale
  • Retail (BOPIS) Order Picking
  • Visual Merchandising

Manufacturing cart


Bring flexibility to your manufacturing facility

Success in modern manufacturing relies on optimizing each step from start to finish and minimizing wasted time while ensuring the highest level of quality is maintained. Mobile workstations can better enable floor managers, quality assurance personnel, and other manufacturing facility teams to bring their technology along with them all day, offering more options in distributing, printing, and computing needs across their lines, which ultimately increases productivity and efficiency.


  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Cleanroom
  • Warehouse order picking


Are you ready to see how quickly, easily, and affordably Definitive Technology Group can create a customizable mobile computer workstation and battery solution to overcome your unique challenges? Contact us now to learn more.