man using spray gun to spread disinfectant on a mobile computer workstation

Enhanced Product Disinfecting Procedure

OUR ENHANCED PRODUCT DISINFECTING PROCEDURE The safety of our customers is of the utmost importance. That is why we implemented a new product disinfecting procedure in the production and delivery of our mobile workstations and battery systems. Before any DTG product is shipped, we spray it with an EPA-registered, broad-spectrum disinfectant using a patented electrostatic…

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looking up at a mobile computer workstation with warehouse shelves as the background

Our Mobile Workstations: Solving COVID-19 Challenges

OUR MOBILE WORKSTATIONS: SOLVING COVID-19 CHALLENGES Warehouse managers around the world are faced with unique challenges in adapting their facilities and processes to follow COVID-19 safety protocols. That’s because employees are routinely working in the same space, walking by one another and sharing scanners, computers and printers. So how do you maintain productivity while promoting…

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How Mobile Computer Workstations Increase Warehouse Organization

HOW MOBILE COMPUTER WORKSTATIONS INCREASE WAREHOUSE ORGANIZATION Answered on this page: How do mobile workstations increase warehouse organization? How do mobile workstations help with inventory control and management? How can mobile workstations enhance warehouse efficiency? If you’re a warehouse manager looking to improve organization and efficiency at your facility, it’s important to look at mobile…

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8 Warehouse Operations Best Practices

8 BEST PRACTICES TO IMPROVE WAREHOUSE OPERATIONS As a warehouse operator, you want your operations to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Right now, however, you find that productivity is not at its highest and you are wasting money, time and energy on certain tasks. To speed up your supply chain, ensure that employees…

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How to Reduce Warehouse Labor Costs

HOW TO REDUCE WAREHOUSE LABOR COSTS In warehousing, logistics, and materials handling, it is not uncommon for labor costs to comprise as much as 50% or more of a company’s expenses. With wages constantly rising, the cost of labor continues to grow, and without meaningful gains in productivity per worker, it can be difficult to compete…

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