example of an anton bauer mobile computer workstation battery

Anton Bauer Exits the Medical Industry—But Definitive Can Support Your Existing Cart Fleet

ANTON BAUER EXITS THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY—BUT DEFINITIVE CAN SUPPORT YOUR EXISTING CART FLEET On 2/18/19, Anton Bauer announced that they will exit the medical industry. Fortunately, Definitive Technology Group is perfectly positioned to support your existing fleet of Anton Bauer ELORA battery systems for the next 12-months. Simply upgrade to the latest in battery technology that provides a better…

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Three types of batteries for mobile computer workstations

Choosing the Right Modular Battery System

CHOOSING THE RIGHT MODULAR BATTERY SYSTEM The average hospital in the United States uses approximately 70 mobile computer workstations to document patient interactions at the bedside. Some hospitals have adopted modular battery systems that help to maximize uptime for these workstations on wheels. The reality for the ones that don’t use modular battery systems is 30-50% downtime…

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Your Mobile Computer Cart Battery Selection Guide

THE DEFINITIVE MOBILE COMPUTER CART BATTERY GUIDE Whether you’re looking to save time and money in a warehouse setting or maximize up-time for a mobile computer cart at a large healthcare facility, you need to choose the right battery system to power your mobile computer carts. Mobile computer carts are one of the easiest ways…

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