Core Values

Definitively More EfficientSM

Definitive Technology Group was built on the goal to provide the highest quality products and services at a fair price, striving to be #1 in the world in workflow optimization within medical, retail, fulfillment and distribution centers.

The Definitive Mission

Provide battery-powered products and services that improve workflow efficiency to deliver a measurable return on investment.

The Definitive Vision

Become the world leader in the design, development and delivery of an Uninterruptible Battery System, mobile workstations and hardware used to optimize workflow and operational process efficiencies.


Our Philosophy

Put Customers First

Put integrity and customer support above everything else, including profit.

Offer the Best

Provide the highest quality products and services available anywhere at any time.


Listen to our customers and our employees to improve ourselves every day.


Offer opportunities for advancement and growth from within.

Make Positive Change

Disrupt business as it is today and make it more efficient.

Think Differently

Attract new people with curious and probing minds.

Challenge Ourselves

Continuously challenge our goals and objectives.

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Definitive Technology Group improves workflow across material handling, medical and retail industries through providing a top-of-the-line Uninterruptible Battery System and mobile workstation carts that have become widely known as "Efficiency Leaders." Contact Definitive Technology Group today to explore your options!

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